Siddh Lamifab Pvt. Ltd.

About the Company

Siddh lamifab Pvt. Ltd. is acting as a professional explorer, manufacturer and exporter of innovative technical and performance fabrics for shoes and linings, upholstery, foam-lamination, garments, raincoat, windbreaker, snow coat and medical purpose.

Siddh Lamifab was founded in 1997 for producing of traditional shoe material lamination. After year’s product development and our business responsibility to provide always better material we upgrade our lamination facilities and technologies to produce of waterproof and breathable lamination products for shoe, garment, outdoor and inflatable application with the help of T.P.U. and P.U. films to comply with the world standards.

One of the major processes in the production of laminated fabrics is the coupling of facing and linings, to lend a distinctive look and additional strength to the laminated fabrics. The company offers laminated fabrics in innovative prints and designs, custom made to meet diverse consumer needs.

These laminated fabrics are manufactured by adhesive and hot melt adhesive lamination process using polyurethane foam sheet and EVA sheet, Neoprene sheet, L.D. Sheet of varying densities and thickness.

P.U. Reactive Adhesive lamination is also employed for single and multiple layers bonding. This ‘long lasting bond’ also extends to the company’s client – giant forces to reckon within the domestic and international market. Perfect Service and good quality-orientation has given the company an edge over the rest.

Warp knitting is the major fabric series, which we are focusing on. Warp knitting have its peculiarities of good stability, ladder-proof, versatility, abrasion proof, so it acts as the first choice for shoe-making industries. Our mill possess advanced Karl Mayer and Liba warp-knitting machines imported from Germany.

We also established good collaborations with other weaving and circular knitting mills collected and developed a big series of special functional fabrics to enrich our products.

With experience expanding from 1997,we made a quick development, and have become an adapted and seasoned player in the main shoe-fabrics markets. We are always studying, and making progresses together with our customers.

We are supplying various technical fabrics for lamination use; we are also supplying ready-laminated fabrics.

More emphasis on the use of foam-laminated performance (technical) textiles for shoe uppers and linings, and also sofa and upholstery industries is a recent fashion trends. The Siddh Lamifab Strives to match the latest trends in an ever-changing environment by providing our customers with a variety of the most fashionable materials for our customers.

Knitted fabrics with foam-laminations, the best idea for shoes uppers and linings textiles industry, and upholstery and sofa textiles industries also. Siddh Lamifab is acting as an expert in various special polyester fabrics suitable for foam-laminations, we know ‘HOW TO DO‘ the knitted fabrics for lamination uses, we know how to do the knitting and finishing, the most importance is ‘WE KNOW HOW TO PACK‘ the fabrics specially for lamination used.