Lamination Processes

//Lamination Processes

Lamination Processes

One of the major processes in the production of laminated fabrics is the coupling of facing and linings, to lend a distinctive look and additional strength to the laminated fabrics. The company offers laminated fabrics in innovative prints and designs, custom made to meet diverse consumer needs.

These laminated fabrics are manufactured by flame and hot melt adhesive lamination process using polyurethane foam sheet and EVA sheet, Neoprene sheet, L.D. Sheet of varying densities and thickness.

P.U. reactive adhesive lamination is also employed for single and multiple layers bonding. This “long lasting bond” also extend to the company’s client giant forces to reckon within the domestic and international market. Perfect service and good quality orienation has given the company and edge over the rest.

Wrp kntting is the major fabric series, which we are focusing on. Warp knitting have its peculiarities of good stability, ladder proof, versatility, abrasion proof, so it acts as the first choice for shoe making industries. Our mill possess advanced Karl Mayer and Liba wap knitting machines imported from Germany.

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